Global Decentralized Patent System

Putting the power of patents in the hands of the people

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Community Driven

Make group decisions that ensure patent ecosystem is fair.

Acumen bridges the gap between the patent system and the people through community consensus and easily accesible and public information.

1  sendAcumenToken(address _to, uint256 _value) {
2      (balanceOf[msg.sender]  _value) ; 
3      (balanceOf[_to] _value  balanceOf[_to]) ;
4     balanceOf[msg.sender]  _value;
5     balanceOf[_to]  _value;   
7   }
Smart Contracts

Trusted and Efficient

Rather than utilizing a centralized database storing patent information, the Acumen Network stores all the information on the blockchain.

Acumen Network Features

It’s not hard to see how Acumen will revolutionize patents.

Global. Finally there will be a global patent database to protect everyone's ideas.

Power to the People. The community will have a say in the patent approval process.

Turnaround. The freelance examiner network will result in much faster approval times for patents.

More Jobs. Lawyers and engineers can work to examine or consult patent applications.

Mobile friendly. Monitor, search, or examine patents anywhere at anytime due to our mobile friendly design.

Secure and Trustworthy. The blockchain due to its splicing and decentralized nature is the safest way to store patents.

Who Are We

Core Team

Emre Cakir


Emre studies Computer Science and Entrepreneurship at Princeton University.

Mihir Dutta


Mihir studies Computer Engineering and Neuroscience at Duke University.