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Earn an attractive, stable, and uncorrelated
yield leveraging Real World Assets

Attractive Stable Yield

Unlock an attractive and stable yield derived from real world assets and uncorrelated to crypto markets

Global Capital Efficiency

Deploy your capital to where it can accrue the most value rather than allowing it to sit in the echo chamber of DeFi

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of earning with Acumen in our documentation

Regulatory Compliance

Lend in a regulatory complaint manner secured by contractual obligations and under the oversight of Acumen’s licenses

Acumen Stabledapp

The Stabledapp is the core application of the Acumen Protocol, allowing users to can deposit in the Fixed Pools or provide liquidity to the Senior Pool.
A Fixed Pool is created once a firm (borrower) operating within the TradFi market and looking to raise additional capital proposes a deal to the Acumen DAO.
Borrowers provide an NDA-gated data room for depositors which includes historical performance, deal-specific documentation for the proposed Fixed Pool, and more.
Deposit with USDC, USDT or DAI, stablecoins pegged 1:1 to USD, and receive a liquid, tradable collateral token representing deposited capital and earned interest.
Acumen DAO

Acumen Senior Pool

The Senior Pool is a pool of capital that generates algorithmic yields by diversifying funds across different borrower pools on the Acumen Network.

Variable Stablecoin APY


Loan Term
2 week withdrawal request

Regulatory Framework

Acumen has dedicated significant time and effort to building a protocol that is regulatory compliant. The Acumen DAO has been recognized as an authorized lender and master account holder by the Central Bank of El Salvador, making it the first DeFi protocol and DAO to receive such authorization from a Central Bank. Additionally the DAO has been granted the licenses of Digital Asset Service Provider and Bitcoin Service Provider by the government of El Salvador to pursue its tokenization model in a complaint manner.
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Join the Acumen discord to ask questions, connect with fellow depositors and receive updates on upcoming pools and changes to the Stabledapp

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