Do Defi and

Do Good.

The acumen micro finance dapp bridges crypto and traditional finance allowing DeFi users to earn an attractive, stable, and uncorrelated yield while engendering an equitable environment where Small and Medium size Enterprises(SMEs) and entrepreneurs can prosper.

Acumen bridges DeFi and Traditional Finance
and democratizes access to capital to thousands of

SMEs and Entrepreneurs while allowing crypto lenders to earn an attractive, stable, and uncorrelated yield

How It Works


Liquidity Providers

Liquidity Providers supply capital to the Pools.


Deployment of Capital

Acumen partners with experienced market lenders to deploy the capital into traditional assets bridging the DeFi and legacy finance worlds.


Contractually Backed

Capital deployed by local partners in the Acumen Ecosystem are contractually secured by the Acumen DAO.

Our Investors and Partners

Acumen has received strategic investment from leading protocols including Avalanche, Near, Fuel, as well as leading VCs. We have also partnered with global leaders in the crypto space to bridge DeFi and traditional finance.

Avalanche is an open, programmable smart contracts platform for decentralized applications.

FUEL The World's Fastest Modular Execution Layer

Investing into Web 3.0

Securely connect smart contracts with off-chain data and services

A Suite of DeFi Products
to Make Crypto Banking Simple

Driving Innovation

Autonomous government organization
that strengthens micro and small businesses
and enterprises in El Salvador.

A fund built by engineers. For ambitious founders who love Mondays because they love what they do.

Latest News

Our Vision

Acumen is to enable fair access to capital for small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) and entrepreneurs in developing nations (microfinance) through the use of Decentralized Finance.

There is a disparity in access to capital, where SMEs in developing nations pay very high rates for lines of credit compared to large financial institutions and multinationals. We believe that Acumen is uniquely positioned to bridge this gap and create a mutually beneficial ecosystem for all!

Democratize access to capital at an affordable price

Offer a stable and uncorrelated yield to depositors in the crypto space

Decentralize the deployment of Capital to smaller borrowers

Build it with us.

Join us in building a brighter financial future for all!