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Bridging Defi
and Real World


Earn an attractive, stable, and uncorrelated yield leveraging Real World Assets







Our Mission

Acumen is dedicated to addressing global capital markets inefficiency by connecting the world of DeFi with real-world assets, thereby promoting tangible economic activity and making attractive and stable yields accessible to stablecoin holders.

In a world where exceptional opportunities have previously only been accessible to institutional insiders, Acumen seeks to level the playing field by providing inclusive access to lucrative investment prospects, democratizing the investment landscape. Acting as a bridge, in a regulatory compliant manner, we empower you to leverage your stablecoins, unlocking attractive and sustainable yields derived from real-world assets.

Put your stablecoins to work

Global Capital Efficiency

Deploy your capital to where it can accrue the most value rather than allowing it to sit in the echo chamber of DeFi

Attractive Stable Yield

Unlock an attractive and stable yield derived from real world assets and uncorrelated to crypto markets

Regulatory Compliance

Invest in a regulatory complaint manner secured by contractual obligations and under the oversight of Acumen’s licenses

As easy as 123

Investors & Liquidity Providers

Investors and liquidity providers supply stablecoins to the Senior and Fixed Pools

Deployment of Capital in RWAs

Acumen partners with local financial entities to deploy the capital into traditional assets bridging DeFi and TradFi

Capital Repayment

Capital deployed by local partners in the Acumen ecosystem is repaid to investors and liquidity providers

Acumen Pools

Acumen DAO

Acumen Senior Pool

The Senior Pool is a pool of capital that generates algorithmic yields by diversifying funds across different borrower pools on the Acumen network. The Senior Pool caters to capital providers in search of passive, diversified exposure across all Acumen pools while having a much shorter withdrawal period

Variable Stablecoin APY


Loan Term
2 week withdrawal request

Acumen DAO

The governance of Acumen is decentralized through a DAO. The DAO has control of the protocol and is allowed to cast proposals.

Token holders and members of the DAO are given the right to the excess revenues of the protocol through a staking process. In addition to this votes can be cast for key decisions such as smart contract upgrades, staking rewards and token buy backs.

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