Borrow at attractive rates
Decreased Cost of Capital
Cut out the middlemen from your debt issuance process to save costs and benefit from the automations of DeFi
Streamlined Debt Issuance
Streamline your debt issuance process with the Stabledapp allowing you to get financing far faster than with legacy systems
Transparent Reconciliation
With direct borrower/investor communication eliminate risks of price manipulation inherent in legacy systems
Learn more about the advantages of earning with Acumen in our documentation
Stabledapp Borrowing Process
Preliminary Conversations
Conversation with the Acumen Borrower consulting team about your firms financing needs and proposed deal outline
Fixed Pool Application
Create a deal proposal based on the outline provided by Acumen Borrower consulting team and submit to the DAO
Auditor Approval
Auditors will evaluate the deal proposal and either approve or decline the proposal creating a report to explain their decision
Depositor Pool Communication
An NDA-gated data room is set up for depositors including deal-specific documentation for the proposed Fixed Pool
Capital Deployment
Depositors fund the Fixed Pool with USDC, USDT or DAI which are then off-ramped into fiat and wired to the borrower
Capital & Interest Repayment
Borrower makes payments by wire according to the schedule of the deal which are then on ramped into USDC, USDT or DAI
Regulatory Complaince
Acumen has dedicated significant time and effort to building a protocol that is regulatory compliant.
Recognized as an authorized lender and master account holder by the Central Bank of El Salvador
Granted the licenses of Digital Asset Service Provider and Bitcoin Service Provider by the government of El Salvador
Any questions about borrowing?
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